Frequently Asked Questions

Results-Focused Marketing

Most of our client portfolio consists of independent supermarkets, though we also work with restaurants, food brands and various businesses from other industries. We’re ALWAYS down for a conversation.

We help increase basket sizes, recruit employees, generate leads and increase awareness for your business using targeted email promotions, social media ads, text messages, and in-store strategies. Our full list of services can be found here.

We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads which help drive in-store and online traffic, as well as boost your social presence. We’re pretty, pretty good.
As a data-focused firm, we place a high priority on results. Views, likes, comments, and new fans are important – as long as that translates into additional sales, revenues and profits for you. Harvesting Media recruits and employs Facebook, Email, SMS, Social Media and Google Ads specialists who dive deep into the complexities of your business to craft winning marketing campaigns.
It can be overwhelming, but the metrics on each platform weave together a story that shows us how to consistently grow your business. For example, the click-through-rates on an email graphic promoting a recipe might tell us that your customers enjoy a more hands-on, community marketing approach. If a Facebook campaign generated 100 orders, while the Instagram ads produced 3 orders, we learn very quickly where to put your precious ad dollars.
The holistic marketing approach we take drives results – and requires more than a trial to reap the most benefits. While we generally don’t offer trials for practical reasons, give us a shout and let’s talk about what you need help with most.
To provide the most flexibility to our clients, all of our contracts are cancellable with a two-week notice after the initial 3-month period passes.
Your digital marketing budget depends on a variety of factors – the areas your stores serve, the number of new customers you’re looking to bring in, and the balance of organic versus paid social media you’re looking to implement. Our packages are fully customized to suit your business needs, and typical clients look at spending $500 per store weekly on the management fee, and allocate a paid ads budget starting at $100 per store per week.
You. End of story.
As a supermarket marketing agency, we’ve found the most success working with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Text Messaging, Email and Google. That being said, we’re always growing and can work on the platforms that suit your business needs best.
We’ve seen some supermarkets with kickbutt in-house marketing agencies, composed of digital marketing experts at the top of their field. Harvesting Media offers our clients the benefits of having someone in-house, but at a price few in-house teams can beat.
Sure. Send us a message with the details here.
Our account managers are stars at communicating between our team of specialists and your team. They ensure that important tasks are carried out efficiently and integral details are never overlooked.
Absolutely. As a matter of fact, it’d be our pleasure. You can schedule a call by sending us a message here.